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Google Plus Has Got Me Again


How elated did I feel last Friday when I finally became one of the chosen few to get an invite to join Google Plus. That smug superiority didn't last long though. Minutes after joining I realised I was one of 10 million, which kind of puts a bit of a dampener on the whole experience. But hey, I'm in and that's what counts.

I got stuck straight in and first things first set up my privacy details with the help of Chris Brogan's really useful article and screencast. It was a pretty simple and understandably important first task which led me to build a few Circles... and then I stopped.

It dawned on me that maybe I'm falling for the next new shiny object. So, I decided to take the weekend to perform my due diligence, reading blog posts, articles and keeping my eye on Twitter for all things Google Plus.

Finally, late last night after watching Bloomberg West on TV I made my decision. Right now was not the time to be getting involved with another social network.

That didn't last long...

Today, after reading another article, 10 Things CMO's Need To Know About Google+ , yet again from Chris Brogan and published on the Forbes blog, I did a complete 'U' turn on my previous decision.

Go on, read this article and make up your own mind.  Once you have, head over to this page for a special webinar Chris is holding Wednesday, July 20th at 12PM EDT and get his 250 hours of delving into Google+ boiled down to the juiciest bits in his 2 hour webinar.

What are your thoughts and feelings towards Google Plus - Let me know in the comments section below.