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How Google Search Works - It's a Minor Miracle When You Realise What Is Going On Under The Hood

If you follow this blog regularly, there's a pattern emerging lately as I've used quite a few Infographics. The reasoning behind this is simple - I'm a visual person and find a graphical representation of information something I can get my mind around quickly... Actually, this could be an excuse to write less...mmm?

Anyway, when we want to find or research something we'll most often start with a search engine, which basically means Google for us UK users. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to supply your results within milliseconds of clicking the search button?

It's pretty amazing stuff, so without further ado...drumroll please... here's todays infographic I found on 


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Google Places Goes Under The Surgeons Knife

google-places-logoLast Thursday Google announced a change to Google Places Pages, which gives me yet another chance to carry on like a broken record, urging you to claim your Google Places Page, today.

Unless you've been on a three month tour of the interior of the Soviet Union, you've probably seen and heard about all the re-branding, re-grouping and re-sculpting Google have been doing lately, and Google Places is the latest to come under the knife.

Gone is the cluttered interface and in it's place is a clean and simple look and feel. And you get an idea of what they're trying to achieve with the addition of not one, but two big red, prominent review buttons.

With the introduction and phased launch of Google+, their new social network, it's easy to understand the importance your Google Place Page will play in your overall marketing plan. People who visit your business who have an account with Google will be able to add a review in seconds from their mobiles, tablets or desktops. This makes claiming and managing your page essential.

Right now, you may have a page on Google you don't know about and people may already be leaving reviews. Go and check it out. Just go to Google and type in your business name and location and see what comes up.  

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Infographic: Find Out If You're Overdue A Social Media Detox

If you're walking into lamposts while tweeting, having conversations with your hard drive or seeing big blue thumbs ups everywhere you look, then it's time to go into social media rehab.

This infographic from Column Five Media gives you a list of symptoms for self diagnosis.

social media detox infographic
If you find you've got Social Media Madness, we can help by providing a simple social media management solution, custom made for your business.

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